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My 2010 Macbook Pro Upgrade

Giving your mac a new lease on life My mid-2010 Macbook Pro had been getting really slow lately. It was suffering from the classic Apple upgrade syndrome—upgrade your >1 year old piece of hardware to the latest OS, and start taking a lag hit with every action you take. My bottleneck seemed to be a […]

Building the Heroku for Unity

As part of playing around building a “Heroku for Unity” style app, I’ve been looking into automating Unity build processes. Ah crap, that’s backwards, isn’t it… Try turning your head backwards to read it! 🙂 To do this, currently Unity will only build from Windows or OS X. While OS X would be preferable (as […]

Why Unity is a Big F*@#$ing Deal

Why Unity is a Big F*@#$ing Deal or, Staying ahead of the curve in videogames or, Why Unity is crushing the video game industry or, How game developers (indie and professional) are working faster, better and smarter with Unity3D Unity3D is a big fucking deal. When I first heard about Unity3D I was nonplussed. Oh, […]

A code interview course: validation and initial groundwork

I’ve been doing some Skype interviews with some group members who mentioned in a survey that were interested in chatting with me to help figure out what sort of product / course I might be able to offer (some call them “Customer Interviews”, or the more ominous sounding “Idea Extractions”). It sounds like there are basically two segments […]

Compounding Opportunity Costs: Five Things Software Engineers do to Kill their Potential

The Five Things Software Engineers do that Compound Yearly to Kill their Potential 1. Not refreshing core material Software engineers have to spend a minimum of one hour per week simply reviewing and improving their skills and understanding of development. Straight out of college, even computer science majors struggle to name a few common design […]